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  • Jan8Wed

    The Search for Truth

    January 8, 2020 by the TWR Canada Team
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    Africa, Evangelism, Testimonies

    TWR Burundi has been broadcasting on Burundi National Radio since early 1993. The two original programs, Good News for All and Jesus is the Answer, remain the most popular of all the programs produced and aired. Good News for All provides biblical teaching in response to a variety of spiritual issues, while Jesus is the Answer focuses on issues faced by youth and allows for the sharing of testimonies and prayer requests. Each of these programs that are sponsored by TWR Canada have the potential to reach approximately 10 million people across the country as well as in the DR of Congo and Tanzania. Every month, over 250 people respond to each program by phone, text or visits to the office.

    Here are just some of the responses that TWR Burundi received from these two programs:

    “Good evening. I love this program of Jesus Is the Answer. It has taught me so many Biblical truths that I decided to receive Jesus as my Lord and Saviour! I thank you very much for this.”

    “Thanks a lot for this program of Good News for All. I was touched by your message and I felt it was addressed directly to me”. Please pray for me; I do not want to walk in sin anymore.” 

    “I receive your program of Jesus is the Answer, and I like to listen to it while at home on Sunday afternoons. Pray for me because I have a great deal of challenges, and I believe Jesus can also be the solution for me.” 

    “I listened to your program yesterday and was really blessed as you focused on faith in Christ. I would also like to trust and follow our Lord Jesus. Please pray for me to be forgiven and continue walking in the Christian faith.”

    Another program, The Way of Righteousness, has been airing in Burundi for nearly two years on an FM station which extends into neighbouring countries. The program consists of 100 fifteen-minute programs which aim to demonstrate the existence of God. The program journeys through the writings of the prophets to show God's unchanging purpose throughout history and answers the question "How can we be righteous before God?"
    This program specifically intends to share the truths of the gospel with the Muslim community. The TWR Burundi office reports that they have had a great increase in the number of listeners inquiring about the differences between Islam and Christianity. The producer of The Way of Righteousness is a mature Christian pastor who has an Islamic background. Because of his knowledge in Islam, he is able to explain the differences between the Quran and the Bible when necessary.
    The TWR Burundi staff have the opportunity to share God’s word with listeners who are searching for the truth:
    “I am a Muslim but like to listen to this program of The Way of Righteousness in Kirundi. It has opened my heart to a number of Biblical truths. And I am happy to go on learning more. Please pray for me.”

    Laetitia, another listener, wrote to us about the impact of the program on her life:

    “May the Lord bless you and strengthen you. Today I know and understand that righteousness is only seen in Jesus Christ. Today I know that there is no other name that gives us salvation than the name of Jesus Christ, May the Lord richly bless you. Amen!”

    The Way of Righteousness receives 150-200 listener responses each month. We thank God for this opportunity to share the truths of the gospel in Burundi and surrounding countries. Praise God that TWR Burundi has been able to purchase a new office space as their ministry has grown!
    Please pray for them as they work to renovate and update the building and continue in their work of sharing the truth of Christ through these radio programs.