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  • Apr16Tue

    "The Most Wonderful Decision of my Life"

    April 16, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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    Canadian Ministry, Testimonies
    “Parlez-vous francais?” Most of us will recognize those words. In fact, for some of us, they may be the only French we remember. Others of us will remember more from our school days, and some have studied to become fluent. Yet, while many of us may not use it in our day-to-day lives, it is an integral part of Canada as it’s one of our official languages.

    Most native French speakers in the country live in the province of Quebec. However, this province has more than a unique language: their culture, history, politics and religious history are much different than the rest of Canada. 

    TWR Canada has a burden for our compatriots in this area of our nation. Quebec has the lowest per capita church attendance of any province or territory, and less than one per cent consider themselves born-again believers. At TWR Canada, we strive to reach this province for the Lord, using television, radio and the internet. 

    God is working! We would like to share the following story from a team member in Quebec.

    “Back in 2016, I went to visit a lady after she requested the literature we offer on our shows. As we visited, she shared the following testimony: 

    ‘After several years of testing and therapy as well as numerous attempts to change my life by changing my behaviour, my frustration finally turned into anger, and that anger began to consume me. I was a complete failure. Nothing I touched ever succeeded. The profound emptiness inside shouted loudly that I was worthless. Then I began listening to La Parole Vivante. While listening, I finally realized that I could not change myself. I needed help; however, it wasn’t until after listening to several shows that I finally asked for a Bible.

    'To my surprise, someone delivered it to me in person. Oh! I was skeptical! What had I gotten myself into? 

    'I was pleasantly surprised. I saw for the first time the depths of my sinfulness. I understood that it was my sin that separated me from God. Clearly, I needed a Saviour. Only Jesus, through his sacrifice on the cross, could ever reconcile me to God the Father. 

    'I had always figured that my works and my good deeds would earn me a place in heaven. I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

    'But what grace! He, Jesus Christ, has already accomplished everything, for me, for you. He wants us to trust him completely and let him rule our lives, because he alone knows what is good for us. I repented and asked forgiveness for my innumerable sins. I accepted this gift of grace into my heart; Jesus became my Lord and Saviour in July 2016. 

    'After that day, my life changed completely. The intense emptiness inside was gone! God’s son had replaced it with his peace, a peace that surpasses everything! Only Jesus can fill the void! 

    'He has delivered me from so many things. I was completely lost: not only have I been found, but I’ve been brought back to life! All of this, thanks to my wonderful God, my Saviour! I owe him everything and I could not live without him! Today, his great love in me allows me to love myself and to love my neighbour as myself, for he has filled me with his infinite love. Choosing Jesus was the most wonderful decision of my life.’"

    More recently, this woman was baptized and declared her faith to her unsaved family and friends. Praise the Lord for the lives being changed in Quebec!