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    Speaking Hope to the World: TWR Canada's Evangelism Ministries

    November 1, 2017 by the TWR Canada team
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    Over 60 years ago, a man walked through the streets of Spain, his heart broken for the people around him. He saw people with no hope, no future and no understanding of the one true God. He had a vision of using radio to proclaim the hope of Christ to these people. That man was Paul Freed, and he was the founder of Trans World Radio. Today, more than two-thirds of the world’s population can be reached in their own language through the ministry of TWR!

    Paul Freed in the early days of TWR's ministry

    Since that time, evangelism has been a significant priority of our ministry. Methods have changed, strategies have changed, but our desire to see the lost turn to Jesus has not. Even today, there are people around the world with no Christian connection in their lives. Some search the internet or turn on the radio hoping to learn more of the truth, and our desire is to reach these people. The cost-effectiveness of media allows us to reach many, and media’s anonymity has given many people, who may not have any other safe way, the opportunity to know about Christ. In addition, we distribute media players and SD cards to groups and communities hungry for the hope found only in Christ.

    At TWR Canada, we focus on evangelism to communities with no Christian influence as well as those affected by conflict. In addition, we work with local churches and ministries to provide follow-up to listeners, as well as to provide these local partners with media that can enhance their own evangelism strategies. Throughout the world, we strive to teach people the hope of Christ in obedience to his command in Mark 16:15 (ESV): “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.”

    Examples of TWR Canada Evangelism Initiatives:
    The Way of Righteousness is a series of 100 fifteen-minute programs that reach out to people of a Muslim background, taking them through the writings of the prophets to view God’s purpose throughout human history. This program has been developed in many languages and has been used on radio as well as on SD cards, enabling many to hear the hope of Christ, perhaps for the first time.  

    In Cuba, we proclaim the hope of Christ through radio programming. Every night, listeners across the island turn on their radios to listen to Messages of Faith and Hope. In addition, we provide follow-up through listener letters and visits, prayer and Bible and literature distribution.  

    In Burundi, our programs, Good News for All and Jesus is the Answer, air on nation-wide radio and reach a potential audience of 10 million people! In a nation where conflict is ongoing and people are searching for the truth, these popular radio programs teach people to turn to God with their troubles.

    Sri Lanka is a primarily Buddhist nation with very little Christian influence. Our program, God’s Unique Book, was developed in response to listener letters and is tailored to preach the gospel to people of a Buddhist worldview. One listener writes, “I am so happy to tell you that this radio program has become a great blessing to our church. We had six groups in the beginning, and now it has expanded to sixteen groups. Twelve members of three groups are from a Buddhist background and are now members of my church. Through this program, members have been able to study the Word of God. I am seeing a rise of new leaders and disciples.”

    These initiatives were recently featured in our Christmas Gift Catalogue. Click here to read more about TWR Canada’s evangelism ministries on our website.