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  • Nov25Wed

    Providing Dignity and Community to Women

    November 25, 2020 by the TWR Canada Team
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    Africa, TWR Women of Hope
    In some countries around the world, women are told they are inferior, stupid or shameful. In others, they are violently abused and taken advantage of. The message is the same: they feel worthless. And this is wrong. TWR Canada’s ministry to women exists to encourage women, develop their leadership skills and teach them of their inherent worth found in Christ.

    Our ministry supports the global prayer ministry of TWR Women of Hope, as well as the translating, producing and airing of the Women of Hope broadcasts in Makhuwa (Mozambique), French (West Africa), Bambara (Mali) and Low German (Canada). Additionally, we are using media players with content in the Makhuwa language to form listener groups in Mozambique.

    Despite the challenges that COVID-19 has brought, the TWR Women of Hope staff all around the world continue to produce content and connect with listeners, providing them with comfort, confidence and community.

    In Côte d’Ivoire, the TWR Women of Hope team has been using WhatsApp to communicate with their listeners. In their chat group, they post the prayer calendar topics, and women can discuss and share their experiences. The team also met with prayer group leaders to show the support of TWR and to make them aware of measures to protect against COVID-19. Here are the words of one of the prayer group leaders:

    “May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and your families. I have been working with TWR Côte d’Ivoire for 15 years. You are courageous and blessed for your contribution to the spiritual, social and physical development of the body of Christ.”

    In Mali, the TWR Women of Hope team has focused on production. During quarantine, they have been able to produce 45 programs! They have also received 150 calls and 100 text messages. Here are a few testimonies sharing the impact of the Women of Hope program in Mali:

    “The Women of Hope program is a real advisor for us. It advises us on the right way to behave among ourselves as women, in the home as well as in the neighbourhood. It gives advice on health; it is a mirror for us in life. I love this program. All my blessings to everyone involved in making the Women of Hope programs.”

    “I am a Muslim, but broadcast times do not pass without my knowledge. All the advice we hear in the shows is very useful for life. You are a good educator. May God bless you with long life, good health and sustainability to Women of Hope.”

    Praise God for the ways the Women of Hope programs are having a positive effect on communities in Mali!

    In Mozambique, TWR Canada sponsors Women of Hope in Makhuwa, a local language. This broadcast is well-received as it is set in the distinctly Mozambique cultural context. In addition, TWR Canada has provided funds so that the Makhuwa Women of Hope programs can be loaded onto media players. Due to the pandemic, the team in Mozambique has not been able to receive the media players yet. As soon as the borders re-open, they will pick up the players from Eswatini. The players will then be distributed to Makhuwa speakers in northern Mozambique.

    Pray that that team will be able to collect the media players and load content on them soon. “We are looking forward to having them so that our women will be strengthened by the programs,” said Esperança Jotamo Cuambe, TWR Women of Hope coordinator in Mozambique.

    We would love to have you be part of this vital ministry to women. To learn more about the ministry or to join us in prayer for women around the world, we encourage you to visit our website and signup to receive our weekly prayer emails to continue support women around the world.