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    Partnering in Haiti for the Spread of the Gospel

    July 2, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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    It’s been a little over a year since the long-time partnership between TWR and Radio 4VEH (The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti) became official. Radio 4VEH has been preaching the gospel to Haitians for almost 70 years; today, the ministry operates four FM stations, an AM station and a TV program, as well as distributing radios as part of a distribution campaign in partnership with Galcom.

    The people of Haiti face extreme poverty, political corruption and a culture that is known for its dangerous voodoo beliefs. There are 11 million people in Haiti who need to encounter the love, grace and mercy of Jesus, which is why we are very thankful for our partnership there.

    One of the programs which Radio 4VEH airs is the Living Truth program, produced by TWR Canada’s partner in Quebec, Aujourd’hui l’Espoir. But this is not the only way in which we are working together: shortly after our partnership with Radio 4VEH was formalized, TWR Canada was provided with an opportunity to specifically work on a project with them to provide batteries for the power system for their station. We are excited to be able to partner in new ways to continue to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to Haiti.

    Many areas in Haiti do not have reliable public power. This includes Radio 4VEH, who use a combination of generators, inverters and batteries to keep their stations running without relying on public power. The team has to generate their own electricity using diesel generators running at full capacity during the day. During low power times, such as night, inverters are used; these convert the generator power to electricity which is then stored in batteries.

    Over time, the batteries lost the ability to hold a charge for a significant period of time. When Radio 4VEH approached us with this need last fall, the batteries were only holding a charge for six hours. This meant that radio airtime had to be reduced and the generators needed to be run for longer, which was expensive. Our partnership with them has helped the station overcome this barrier.

    TWR Canada provided the funds needed for Radio 4VEH to replace their bank of batteries. In March, 12 new batteries were delivered and installed at the studio site. By the time these new batteries were installed, the old batteries were only holding a charge for 30 minutes! Radio 4VEH needed to run the diesel generators for much longer each day and further reduce broadcast time. The new batteries are now holding a charge for 15 hours allowing programming to be aired 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with lower operating costs.

    Because of these new batteries, Radio 4VEH can continue to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the nation of Haiti. Listeners like Josiane give a glimpse of the impact of 4EVH: “If it wasn’t for 4VEH, I’d have surely given up on my faith in Jesus!” 

    The team in Haiti is very thankful to all of those who give through TWR Canada. Join us in praising God for his faithfulness in providing for this critical need in Haiti, a country that desperately needs to hear the truth of who he is.