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  • Sep17Tue

    Our God is Amazing

    September 17, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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    Canadian Ministry
    Our partner in Quebec, Aujourd'hui l'Espoir, uses The Hope Line to connect listeners or viewers of their programs to local churches for further conversations and discipleship. One of the churches who partners with our team in Quebec provided the following update not long ago.
    "Recently, we were able to follow up with six individuals referred to our church, La Bible Parle, by Aujourd'hui l'Espoir. We’d like to share a few details about our contacts with four of those individuals.

    "We met, among others, CG. She is 89 years old and retired. We’ve had several very positive phone conversations with her. When we were finally able to visit with her in person to deliver her a copy of The Final Destination and the Gospel of John DVD, we spent a lovely afternoon with her reading and discussing the Bible. When we discovered that she did not own a DVD player, we were able to purchase one for her, hook everything up and explain how it worked.

    "Afterwards, she told us that she watched it three times and then loaned it to an ex-priest who lives in the same seniors' residence. She spoke about the DVD with him so enthusiastically that she piqued his curiosity.

    "CG then attended church with us. It was a special service, an evening of praise and worship that happens once every two months, usually on a Saturday evening. She thoroughly enjoyed this time of praise and worship, so much so that she asked if she could come back to church with us the following morning.

    "After the Sunday morning worship service, we all ate together with a few other church members. CG asked the pastor if she could be baptized and join our local church. Glory be to God! We continue to stay in contact with CG. She attends faithfully despite her age and fragile state of health. She often says that Jesus is her life companion and best friend. What a blessing for us to have had a small part in her spiritual journey!

    "We also met RM, a fervent Roman Catholic. We were able to share with him the gospel message, and he listened attentively to what we said.

    "He is part of a prayer group: every Monday he meets with a dozen others to pray. He continues to hope and believe in a good God but he thinks little of Jesus. For our part, we told him that Jesus was anything but small. On the contrary! He died and rose again to give us life.

    "RM believes in purgatory and thus has no assurance of eternal life. We explained to him the plan of God for men, the free and universal salvation offered by Jesus’ death on the cross to all men. For him it is not enough. What Jesus did is not enough. RM is convinced he must work first and then spend time in purgatory. He has no assurance of eternal life, even though we have read to him verbatim from the Bible.

    "He knows many verses by heart. He knows so much more than the vast majority of Catholics, yet he has not yet met Jesus. He does not understand the message of salvation. Even more, his fear keeps him from truly wanting to understand. We continue to pray for him, and hope to soon, if he agrees, meet with him again.

    "Last Saturday, we met a woman who had donated to AE. As a thank you, we delivered her a copy of the Gospel of John DVD as well as a copy of the book, The Final Destination. She has no desire to join a church, but she strongly believes in the teachings of Jesus and loves the La Parole Vivante programs hosted by Simon Ouellet and Jeffrey Laurin. She claimed assurance of her salvation but did not wish for any further contact. We still left her our contact information as well as our church’s phone number.

    "We’ve also spoken by phone with another man, RH. He is presently sick and unable to receive a visit. A fervent Catholic, he initially refused to visit with us because he was afraid that we would convert him from Catholicism. God’s Spirit is gently working, however. He recently agreed to speak with us when he called to remind us to bring him his requested copies of the book, The Final Destination and the Gospel of John DVD.

    "Our God is amazing!"
    We praise God for the way that he is working in Quebec! To learn more about the work we do, visit our website!