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  • Dec4Tue

    Mrs. G's Love for Kenya

    December 4, 2018 By the TWR Canada Team
    Earlier this year, we talked to Dr. Griffiths from Bible Stories Alive. He shared with us that his late wife, Mrs. G – the original English storyteller of Bible Stories Alive – would be thrilled to know that her stories are being heard in Kenya.

    When Mrs. G was 16 (though she wasn’t yet Mrs. G!), she attended a missions conference where she committed to teach English in Kenya after college. When she finished high school, she decided to spend a year as an assistant teacher in a village school before attending college. Every morning she taught Scripture to her class of 7 to 10-year-olds. When the headmistress saw how the children enjoyed the Bible stories, she added her own class to Mrs. G’s lessons. And so, Mrs. G told Bible stories to a combined class of 7 to 14-year-olds.

    Her plan was to teach in this school for only a year and then go to college, but World War II broke out, and Mrs. G taught at the school for two more years. She was finally able to attend college and still intended to go to Kenya to teach English when she graduated. However, she met her future husband, Dr. Griffiths, while in college, and, because they got married, she was unable to keep her commitment to teach English in Kenya.

    Dr. and Mrs. Griffiths spent many years as missionaries in Africa but were never able to visit Kenya. Mrs. G’s passion for this country and her desire to visit never faded. Unfortunately, she was never able to visit before she went to be with the Lord in 2014 at the age of 95.

    Now, nearly 85 years after Mrs. G attended the missions conference, her voice is being heard in Kenya ... and TWR Canada is excited to be part of it! Our partnership with Bible Stories Alive includes the translation and production of Mrs. G’s stories into Swahili. These stories are being broadcast on two FM stations in Kenya, where the local children are engaged and enthralled by the stories. They and their parents are writing and calling in to say that their faith is growing and their desire to know and understand the stories of the Bible is deepening.

    Mrs. G’s desire to tell Bible stories and make the Bible come alive for children is impacting children in this country she loved but never visited. Dr. Griffiths told us that his wife would be thrilled that, in some way, she was finally able to visit Kenya.

    To hear the original English radio program, with Bible stories told by Mrs. G, visit TWR360, where a new story is uploaded each Saturday. You can also hear the Swahili stories which are being aired in Kenya.

    Join us in praying for the children and families in Kenya who are hearing these stories and growing in their faith. Join us in praising God for the impact that Mrs. G’s stories are continuing to have around the world.