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  • Dec13Wed

    More than Radio

    December 13, 2017 by the TWR Canada team
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    Media Players
    For over 60 years, TWR has produced Christian radio programs to air on high-powered transmitters strategically located around the world. We have worked with like-minded ministries to reach the world with the message of hope found only in a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Today, radio is still a major focus of TWR. Over four billion people are able to listen to broadcasts from these high-powered transmitter sites. We air programs on an additional 2,000+ local AM and FM outlets, by satellite and by internet. 

    TWR Canada also recognizes the versatility and adaptability of portable audio devices and has taken a special interest in making them available. We select the most appropriate device for a particular area based on the in-country needs and the ability to deliver the devices without putting our people at risk. Typically equipped with a micro SD card, an audio device can hold hundreds of hours of content.  

    In 2016 and 2017, TWR Canada distributed a total of 2,463 media players to three unreached people groups in China in Mandarin, Yue and Hakka. Players were loaded with translated dramatized Bible stories, worship songs and an audio Bible in these heart languages. 
    "An elderly gentleman, paralyzed on one side and unable to stand up, felt very bad having to rely on his family to care for him. This resulted in him having suicidal thoughts about jumping to his death. Distribution partners visited him to share the gospel and to give him a player. Then, when they visited him again one afternoon, he said that no matter who may object, he will still press on believing. He expressed that now that he has the audio player to accompany him, his life is so joyful." - From a distribution volunteer in China.

    We will continue to reach out to other unreached people groups in China, including the distribution of additional media players to the Mongolian people.  

    Discipleship Essentials has become TWR Canada’s most impactful tool for discipleship and is now available or in development in 13 languages. In 2017, we received funding to distribute 3,000+ SD cards with discipleship content for distribution at training events in six countries. Because of the expressed need for this tool, we have committed to distributing 10,000 more SD cards in 2018! 

    Whether by traditional radio waves, media players or SD cards, TWR Canada is committed to speaking the message of hope worldwide. It is our pleasure to work with local people to identify their needs and provide TWR and partner programs that will benefit their ongoing ministries and meet the needs of the listeners.