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  • Oct30Wed

    Growth in Bangladesh: Radio Home Groups

    October 30, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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    “I began a radio home group and at first people were too busy and not at all interested in listening to the programs.”

    If we hadn’t already shared in the title of this article that we are talking about Bangladesh, it would be easy to think that this statement was made by someone in our own Canadian context because we hear I’m too busy all the time: “I’m too busy to work out.” “Too busy for church this week.” “Too busy to read my Bible.” The reality is, we are all busy people, and we can easily let this get in the way of our spiritual growth. This is no different in Bangladesh, but the Lord is changing that! 

    The ministry in Bangladesh began a radio home group program modeled after the ministry in India. Radio home groups are given a radio home kit, containing a media player with Thru the Bible audio content, study notes and a Bible. For Bangladesh, a country with high illiteracy rates, the media player is crucial for growth in faith for Christians.

    The ministry of TWR Bangladesh is seeing explosive growth in the number of radio home groups across the country. At the end of 2018, after nearly a year of activity, there were 330 radio home groups across the country. By the end of May 2019, we received a report stating that there are now 806 radio home groups! Praise the Lord for his faithfulness to this ministry on the ground.

    Radio home group members have shared with the team in Bangladesh about the impact that the ministry is having. The listener who commented that others in the group were “too busy” to make the radio home groups a priority went on to say, “Now, however, the scenario is changing – people are attending the radio home group to listen to God’s Word!”

    That’s not all though. We’ve received reports of others who have also made meeting together to learn and grow in a radio home group a priority, and the impact is great!

    One member of a radio home group witnessed a member of her community listening to the radio programs for many months. Now he is committing his life to the Lord Jesus and accepting him as his personal Saviour. In another radio home group, one of the members accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour, and he has now obeyed the Lord and chosen to be baptized.

    A radio home group overseer told our TWR Bangladesh team: "All our five radio home groups finished the book of Mark, and we started with the book of Luke. Among these communities, we have three new leaders who now lead the radio home groups. The radio programs are very instructive and meaningful for those who cannot read. Two of the group members have taken baptism, and three others are waiting."

    What incredible testimonies of the impact of media! Praise the Lord for the good work he is doing using radio home groups. Please join us in praying for the on-the-ground ministry in Bangladesh as they continue to grow. Pray that as more people realize their need for a Saviour, they would see the value of making time for radio home groups and would grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ as a result!