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  • Jun14Wed

    Engaging Listeners In East Africa

    June 14, 2017 by TWR Canada
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    TWR Burundi team preparing to meet with listeners
    TWR Burundi team preparing to meet with listeners


    East Africa is a difficult part of the world to do ministry. Egide Bandyatuyaga is the TWR Director there, and TWR Canada President Ray Alary was able to meet up with him recently. Egide shared that in East Africa, not all of the countries where TWR does ministry are stable. "We are producing programs to help people. Some of them are evangelistic in nature where we teach the word of God and help people to know the word, and give them an opportunity to surrender their lives to Christ...Christianity is one of the religions in East Africa, but so is Islam and Islam is gaining ground."

    Many countries in East Africa struggle with uprisings and protests, terrorist groups/attacks, ethnic animosity, political instability, and widespread poverty. Every few years, drought and famine raise their ugly twin heads making an already desperate situation fatal for many. Many thousands of people have been internally displaced or sought out a refugee camp in a neighbouring country. In these situations, radio is often the only way to share the gospel.

    TWR Canada has partnered with TWR Burundi to broadcast gospel programs for many years. (Read more about those programs here.) But the team in Burundi wanted to do more. They wanted to hear from their listeners and raise awareness about their programs with even more people. TWR Canada was happy to partner with them! TWR Burundi has begun a campaign of visiting churches and listeners wherever they are (prisons, schools, remote locations, etc) so the team can share what they offer and learn from listeners what helps and supports listeners are looking for. The team has also hired an individual to gather this information. The team will also be distributing t-shirts, caps, a few radio sets and Bibles to those who are interested as they travel and visit.

    Over the coming months, please remember in prayer these initiatives and the staff prayerfully working to reach more people with the gospel.


    In southern Africa the 15 minute program Tools For Wise Leadership has been broadcasting into Zimbabwe for many years. This program equips leaders to lead wisely and leave a lasting legacy to benefit future generations. As in Burundi, the team in Zimbabwe wanted to connect with listeners to find out who is listening, where they are located, and what impact the program has had on them. TWR Canada was pleased to partner with them. The team in Zimbabwe hopes to learn the size and geographical location of the audience for this program and then encourage listeners to engage through SMS and WhatsApp.
    The team has created new content to introduce and end each program to encourage responses. They are producing on-air promos to engage with listeners. Like the team in Burundi, they are also giving away a variety of items designed to raise awareness about the program.
    This program is ongoing, so please remember the team in Zimbabwe as they strive to prayerfully reach more people with this gospel content, and have further impact on listeners in the name of Christ.

    The purpose of these increased listener engagement activities is not just to provide free stuff to listeners, or even just to increase awareness of TWR in the country. However, through increased awareness, more people will listen to the programs, and as a result, more lives will be transformed by the saving power of Jesus Christ.