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  • Mar28Wed

    Christ Shines Light in the Darkness

    March 28, 2018 By the TWR Canada Team
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    China, Cuba, Testimonies

    “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5 (ESV)

    At Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of Christ and the power of his redemption. When he died and rose again, the powers of darkness were overcome, and eternal life became available for all of us. Hallelujah! What an occasion to celebrate!

    Yet for those who walked with him during this time, there was great uncertainty and confusion. For three days after his death, many believers were questioning, perhaps even doubting, that Jesus really was the son of God.

    From our viewpoint, we have the advantage of knowing how the story ended: that Christ rose from the darkness of the grave, overcoming the power of death. We know that through Jesus’ death on the cross, God brought us from death to life, from darkness to light. We also know that Christ’s redemptive work continues today.

    In our world today, many people live in darkness. Cultures, economics, religions and governments impose a sense of darkness or hopelessness in many areas. Additionally, barriers of customs, isolation, fear, sin and power create darkness within people’s own lives. But, as John 1:5 tells us, the darkness has not overcome the light. Just like Jesus overcame the darkness when he rose again, God continues to bring light even in the darkest places on our earth.

    China is the world’s most populated country, but it is difficult or even illegal for missionaries to spread the gospel there. Not only is it difficult to reach the average citizen in this Communist nation, but even more difficult to reach the rural people groups who may not speak the national language.

    However, we see God working through TWR Canada’s initiatives to share the gospel with unreached people groups in China. Programs based on the life of Jesus are being created in 15 languages and recorded on audio devices. These languages are spoken by over 100 million people.

    One of our distributors recently reported the following: “In recent months, the distribution areas I had in mind were overwhelmed by flood waters, making in-roads extremely difficult. But the need is there.” When the situation finally improved, he went ahead, taking the gospel to the unreached, using resources like our audio players. He went from door to door distributing 36 audio players to specific individuals where natural disasters are frequent. Six of them professed faith in Christ for the first time.

    West Africa
    Many countries in West Africa are known by Christians to be spiritually dark due to influences like voodoo, Islam, and oppressive cultural practices. Yet TWR’s radio tower in West Africa proclaims the hope of Christ to a potential audience of 190 million people. We hear many testimonies that God is changing lives through the radio programs. For example, one listener writes, “I got sick and in my sick bed, I started listening to your programs and I understood that Jesus can heal...then I asked a pastor to come and pray for me, ordering him not to say anything to my wife or my community. After the prayer, I was healed. Today, I know the God of Christians is real.”

    In Cuba, communism and poverty have led to physical and spiritual suffering. Roughly seventy-five percent of Cuba’s population live in rural areas – and many are so difficult to reach that the people rarely get visitors. How can they hear the gospel?

    Earlier this year, TWR’s transmitter on the island of Bonaire increased power and now reaches the whole island. When the transmitter went live, TWR Bonaire did a special live hour of programming with our Cuban director three nights in a row. One of these nights, our Cuban director received over 50 messages from Cubans all over the island who could now hear the broadcasts. Many of the messages we receive are from new believers! 

    Around The World
    In each one of these regions, God is bringing his light and revealing his gift of redemption even to the darkest places. We praise God that his redemptive work continues –  that no barrier can hold him back and that even in places that are isolated and closed to the gospel, he continues to reach out to people and bring them into the light. This Easter, consider how you have seen God bring light into the darkness. Has media been a part of the redemptive work of your life or the lives of others around you? Praise God for his work of redemption in all of us!