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  • Oct12Wed

    Changing The Church In China

    October 12, 2016 by TWR Canada
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    China, Seminary On The Air (SOTA)

    First SOTA Student in China Graduates

    The Manitoba Ministry Tour is next week! We are excited to meet with people in Winkler, Steinbach, and Winnipeg. Our special guest this year is Dr. William Tsui (pictured right) who is our China Ministry Director. William joined TWR Canada in 2011 and set to work relaunching the Seminary on the Air (SOTA) program around the world, but in China primarily. William will be sharing about the Church in China with those who attend the events. He visits China multiple times a year and is very familiar with the challenges and obstacles faced by those who choose to follow Christ there. To understand the religious situation in China today, you have to know a bit about the past too. Bring a friend, we'd love to meet them!

    Sister Chang
    Sister Chang was our very first SOTA student in China. She registered in 2012, the year TWR Canada relaunched the SOTA program in China. Sister Chang attends the Three-Self Church (the government approved church in China). We didn't exclude students from the official church from registering, but over 95% of our students are from house churches. This is a very personal and encouraging testimony about the impact SOTA is having on the Church in China.
    *due to security concerns, we cannot show a picture of Sister Chang*

    I have been a Christian for over 10 years. I have read some theological books and been involved in some teaching ministry in my own church. I faced many questions and confusion in the ministry and that is the reason that I decided that I should enroll in some kind of theological training in order to better equip myself. In the summer of 2012, I came across SOTA and I am so blessed to be the 001 student of SOTA in China.
    As I started SOTA, the content deeply attracted me. I was like a sponge, absorbing all that I could in the study. In the past two years, I have been very busy leading a small group, leading different meetings in the church and even attending trainings in other cities. Without exaggeration, I was so busy I don’t even have enough time to sleep. But, SOTA was never a burden to me, rather, it gave me the strength that I needed. As I listened to the lessons, wrote notes in my notebook, many important theological ideas and principles began to take form in my mind. My time studying SOTA became a great enjoyment in my spiritual journey.
    What I learned is what I needed
    God’s leading is just wonderful and amazing. Whatever my ministry happened to be, the course matched my ministry needs. What I learned from SOTA could be used in my church immediately. I remember one time, there was an argument within my ministry group. I was caught in the conflict. At that time, I was studying “Christian Ethics” and for that week, I chose to share part of what I learned from SOTA with the group. The teaching helped to resolve the conflict. Each one of us had new insights about the issue, and those who had problems no longer had problems. We were once again united in the truth.
    …Every course comes at the right time. I was provided with what I needed in order to serve better. God used these courses to lead me. I practise and grow as I study SOTA. I am very thankful and I am truly blessed! I truly felt that God’s grace is sufficient for me.
    I love SOTA. I love the courses of SOTA. I love the teaching that I received from SOTA. I love the SOTA teaching team. I trusted that other SOTA students, just like me, are being blessed greatly and receiving a lot from SOTA.

    Learn more about SOTA here.Save