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  • Feb12Wed

    Broadcasting Hope to West Africa

    February 12, 2020 by the TWR Canada Team
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    Africa, Evangelism

    TWR Canada takes seriously the call to reach the world with the good news of Christ. In West Africa, many tribes and clans practice their own traditional religions. While many have converted to Islam or Christianity, traditional religious beliefs remain influential, and many people have yet to hear of the hope and salvation that Jesus offers.

    TWR has broadcast Christ’s hope into the area for years using an omnidirectional antenna. Broadcasts are shared to nine countries in 22 local heart languages such as Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo and Kanuri. In order to develop programs that meet the needs of people in the region, TWR partners with local churches and radio stations to produce biblical content in the indigenous languages of listeners. TWR broadcasts a variety of Christian content including devotionals, audio teachings, music and Christian encouragement.

    However, there is a need to expand our presence in order to reach more of the surrounding countries with discipleship and evangelistic programs in order to strengthen the local church.

    In 2016, TWR initiated an exciting plan, called “The Oasis Project”, to install a second transmitter at our West Africa Transmitter Site. The new 200-kilowatt transmitter would make it possible to add more content in more languages and extend our broadcast reach. Through the generosity of donors and international friends, TWR Canada was able to raise over $350,000 to launch this project, because even in the most remote and dangerous locations, this project helps us quickly and effectively reach a potential new audience of millions.

    Unfortunately, the project had to be put on hold because of difficulties negotiating the terms of the broadcast license (the process had to nearly start over because of government changes). However, some work was able to be done in 2018. In 2019, despite some delays in the delivery of shipping containers carrying important supplies, much progress was made at the West Africa Transmitter Site during the summer months. The team completed the antenna tuning house by installing copper mesh and plastering the walls. New air conditioners were installed and staff technicians were trained on servicing the units. In September, the large task of tuning the antenna circuits was completed.

    In the fall, TWR partnered with Moody Radio for a four-day fundraising initiative for the Oasis transmitter project. Many weeks of prayer went into this event, as well as a great amount of energy and effort from TWR staff members who travelled to various stations and worked on air with the Moody Radio presenters during the fundraising days. God’s provision through the campaign was amazing. TWR is happy to announce that the funding needs for the Oasis project are completed! We rejoice together with our TWR family as we celebrate this good news!

    On February 1, this new transmitter went on the air at partial power, though some work is still needed before we can broadcast at full power. We thank you for your prayers and generous support for this important step toward sharing the gospel in Nigeria and West Africa.

    Please also pray for the regulatory agency to issue TWR Africa a full license, as they are currently operating on a temporary one until we broadcast at full power. Pray for the people working locally in West Africa who are keeping the hope of Christ on the radio waves. Ask God to protect this work, the equipment necessary for broadcasting and for the successful production of the programs. Finally, pray that we may have a fruitful relationship with churches and listeners in the region.