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    Bringing the Bible Alive for Children

    July 19, 2017 from the TWR Canada Team
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    Youth and Children's Ministry
    For over 40 years, TWR Canada has been sponsoring audio production around the world. But did you know that until recently we did not have the facilities to do our own audio recording and production in our London office? In 2016, TWR Canada completed the construction of our first recording studio. This studio was designed to supplement our growing ministries, nationally and around the world. With each passing year, TWR Canada’s ministry continues to grow. This growth provides many exciting possibilities for us.

    One of these growing ministry areas involves the audio production of children’s Bible stories. TWR Canada has established an agreement with A Visit with Mrs. G Ministries to translate and produce at least 30 books of children’s Bible stories from the Bible Stories Alive series in five languages. These books tell the stories of the lives of people from the Bible such as Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, Moses, and Jesus. The reader and listener are drawn into the story, and the stories come alive for children.

    The books are being translated and produced in Arabic, Spanish, Persian, Mandarin and Swahili. The recording and production of the Arabic and Spanish books are being completed in the TWR Canada studio. Local women are the voice of the Arabic and Spanish stories.

    The Arabic children’s Bible stories are currently in production. Two books are complete. One tells the story of the life of Joseph, and the other tells the story of creation and the life of Adam and Eve. A third book, about the life of Noah, is currently in production.

    In Spanish, the translation of the book about Noah is in progress. The audio production of the book about Creation and Adam and Eve will begin later this year.

    Jeremy Mullin in the TWR Canada studio

    TWR Missionary Jeremy Mullin, producer for the Arabic and Spanish audio, says the following about the benefit of having an in-house studio, and how he feels to be able to take part in the production of the children’s Bible stories: “Having our own studio gives us the ability to bring smaller productions in-house allowing for timely and efficient oversight of TWR Canada-sponsored projects. It’s an honor for me to serve in this role especially having heard [these] programs on cassette as a child. Now being able to produce the content into other languages is exciting.”

    Soon, these audio programs will be available for listening and download on TWR Canada is in the process of making available the English audio programs online. Once the English programs are online, the audio programs will be on TWR360 for listening and download in other languages as production is completed.

    These children’s Bible stories in Arabic and Spanish are just the beginning for the TWR Canada studio. As ministries continue to grow, the audio recording and production out of the TWR Canada studio will also grow. Please pray that the fruit of this growing production will extend the ministry of TWR Canada across Canada and around the world.

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