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  • Feb26Tue

    Bringing Christ to the Most Remote Locations

    February 26, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
    For the past year, TWR Canada has worked with TWR India to provide radio home kits to groups and churches in India. While this continues, we are also now partnering with TWR Bangladesh in the same way.

    In Bangladesh, there are churches that are situated in very remote areas and consequently lack trained pastors or Biblical teaching. TWR Bangladesh is working with these local churches to start radio home groups so that believers can be instructed in Biblical doctrines and grow spiritually.

    In October 2018, TWR Bangladesh visited a church in one of the most rural areas of the country. The church does not have a building but meets in the home of the pastor. Sixteen members of the church and other local churches were present at the meeting to learn about TWR and the radio home group initiative. One of the local elders said, “No one is interested in coming to meet with us and partner with us in ministry due to our remote location, but we thank TWR’s staff for their visit and for the work they want to do with us.”  TWR Bangladesh now works with this church to distribute radio home kits to start radio home groups in this region.

    Throughout Bangladesh, there are 2,850 people attending 330 radio home groups, and these numbers are growing. The people of Bangladesh are being introduced to Jesus and their lives are being changed. Many of them are then sharing the good news they have found with their families and communities:

    “For the last four months, I have been listening to the gospel of John at the radio home group. I love to hear about Jesus Christ. Jesus says ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’ (John 14:6, ESV) I like this verse. I understand that I am a sinner and the wages of sin is death. But Jesus gave his life for my sins and was crucified and resurrected on the third day. I have been thinking about all those things. None of the prophets gave their life for my sins but Jesus did. I started to discuss it with my radio home group leader, and he explained more about Jesus and salvation. After a long discussion, I placed my faith in Jesus, and I have accepted him as my Saviour and Lord. After receiving Jesus, I became a witness to my own village. Sometimes, I invite my radio home group leader to my village, and he comes with the radio and we listen to the gospel of John. After listening, he discusses more details about what we have listened to. At least 12 people in my village have also expressed interest in knowing more about Jesus.”

    “After receiving the radio home group kit, I started a group with 12 members who are non-believers. When we play the radio program of the gospel of Luke in my village, many people gather to listen. Almost immediately, we were asked to stop the program, as many people were hearing about Jesus. Although there was a barrier, we have continued to meet, and eight people from the group have received Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord.”

    The truth of Jesus’ identity is changing lives in Bangladesh! Join us in praying that many more lives would be changed as we partner with TWR Bangladesh to proclaim God’s Word.