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  • Sep4Tue

    Are You Coming?

    September 4, 2018 By the TWR Canada Team
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    Canadian Ministry
    Each year, TWR Canada travels to various cities across Canada for our annual ministry tours. This is a time of reconnecting with you and sharing more of the ministry, in person. For us, it’s a blessing to meet with each of you who have faithfully prayed for and financially supported the ministry. It’s also an opportunity to hear from one of our global partners.

    This September, we look forward to visiting Manitoba and Saskatchewan with TWR India’s director, George Philip. In October, Steve Shantz, TWR international VP of Latin America and the Caribbean, joins us for our Ontario events. (Alberta, we’ll see you in the spring!)

    We look forward to seeing you at one of these events! For full event details, visit our website. If there is not an event in your city, contact us to inquire about hosting one.

    A note from TWR Canada president, Ray Alary:

    Often I am asked, “Why does TWR Canada still do tours?” Many organizations no longer do them, thus this question. Let me explain why I think tours are still important.

    On average, at our Canadian tours in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, over 1,300 people attend our events, and I have the opportunity to greet the majority of them. This brings joy to my heart; every one of these people plays a strategic role in our ministry, and this gives me a chance to appreciate them. I like the face-to-face contact; I like to shake hands and get even a short update on what’s happening in their lives. I feel like I am friends with many of them and that we share something in common with each other.

    TWR Canada’s success is built on the relationships we have with our donors. To be able to bring along speakers who are on the front line of the ministry around the world and have them share firsthand the impact of the ministry is the absolute best way to engage our team of donors in how the gospel in reaching into the hearts of people around the world.

    While on one tour, I received a call from our team in Africa. They had some news for me, and it wasn’t good news. We were building our station in West Africa; part of the project was installing generators to produce the electricity that would be needed to power our transmitter. The news I got was that our generators would not be arriving in West Africa as planned. In fact, these generators would never arrive; they were at the bottom of the North Sea. The container that they were in had been on a ship that had broken apart and sank; they would never be salvaged.

    I thought, “That is not a big deal. We will just order two more from the supplier in the United Kingdom.” When we made this request, I found out the delay would be an entire year; this was not an acceptable solution.

    I told the people at our banquet in Three Hills, Alberta, that we needed to pray, and we did. After I finished speaking, a man came to me and gave me a number to call the next morning. The number was of a generator supplier in Aridrie, Alberta. I thought to myself, “Why would I source these generators in Alberta? It is so far from West Africa.” I decided to call the supplier. The rest is history. We purchased those generators from that supplier, and they are still supplying power for the transmitter today: ten years later. Without the tour, this would not have come together like it did. That one event impressed on me the importance of having the one-on-one contact with our team in Canada.

    Another important aspect of doing a tour is the recruitment of missionaries. As different people have shared at the events, people have felt the calling to serve with TWR: from people helping us with the events, to both short and long-term missionaries. People see that our world-wide team is made up of people from very diverse backgrounds and hearing their stories has helped us to recruit staff who serve around the globe.

    I tend to get more and more excited about our ministry! People like to hear the stories, and I like telling them. As we come and share, your comments and encouragement help our team to keep doing what we are doing. I come home very motivated.

    If you are reading this, I encourage you to come to an event this year. I know we blog and send e-updates but hearing the stories firsthand is even more exciting. People who do come make comments like this: “I never realized all that TWR Canada is doing.” “More people should hear these stories.” “You are a well-kept secret.”

    Come and be a part of the excitement! You all make our ministry possible, and we would love to thank you personally for doing that.

    See you there!