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  • Mar19Tue

    An Oasis of Hope

    March 19, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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    Millions of people in West Africa are living without hope. Radical religious movements, satanic worship, poverty, illness and violence destroy lives and keep people in bondage. Many people have never heard of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a call to us Christians – we need to reach these people with the hope and peace found only in the one true God.

    What better way than to use radio to speak truth in these hard-to-reach places? TWR has initiated an exciting plan to install a second powerful transmitter in West Africa. This will make it possible to add more content, more languages and extend our broadcast reach, while engaging people in West Africa with radio programs that bring hope and the gospel of peace.

    The goal of the Oasis Transmitter Project is to install a 200-kilowatt transmitter at the TWR West Africa transmitter station along with an antenna system to cover Nigeria, including the north east “corner” which is not presently reached. The installation process has begun, including the construction of two towers. The shipping of the transmitter and the antenna system is also underway. Electrical generators are being sourced which will enable the station to generate its own power.

    There is an urgent need to broadcast more discipleship programs to strengthen the church in Nigeria and to develop and air more evangelistic programs. In collaboration with local partners, TWR is currently producing and delivering content in numerous Nigerian languages. Besides the English broadcasts, the station airs its programs in indigenous languages like Hausa, Igbo, Twi, Yoruba, Fongbe, Jula, Bambara, Kanuri and Lukpa. Even in the most remote and dangerous of locations, this project will enable us to quickly and effectively reach a potential new audience of millions. In order to develop programs that meet the needs of local people, TWR partners with local radio stations and local churches to produce biblical content in the heart languages of the local people.

    God is working in West Africa! We are excited to see how he uses this project for his glory. Please pray for the installation process of the transmitter, for the details of obtaining a broadcast licence and for effective new programs to be produced to reach people in new languages. 

    TWR Canada has been a major supporter of the ministry in West Africa, and that continues through supporting the construction and installation of this new transmitter.

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    Click here for a recent video explaining this project.