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  • Mar21Wed

    Alberta Ministry Tour 2018

    March 21, 2018 the TWR Canada Team
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    Africa, Canadian Ministry

    (Left to Right) Jans Pops, Lyle Pennington, Garth and Fiona Kennedy, Joyce and Jon Buttery, and Ray Alary at the Alberta event last week.

    We are thankful for another great ministry tour in Alberta this past week! Meeting friends both new and old, seeing the incredible mountains and scenery, spending time in fellowship and most importantly, hearing from our speakers, missionaries Garth and Fiona Kennedy, about how the Lord is moving in West Africa and around the world through the work of TWR.

    Learning About the Ministry in West Africa
    Garth and Fiona joined TWR Canada president Ray Alary and TWR Canada’s communications manager Nicki Coles as guest speakers for this year’s Alberta tour and we are so grateful for the stories they shared about the ministry in West Africa! We heard how our transmitter site is reaching out to countries in West Africa and in particular, the work that is happening in Nigeria.

    As Garth and Fiona spoke about the culture and attitudes towards Christianity we were both encouraged and motivated to pray. They informed us that in recent years some reports have shown more Christians were killed in Nigeria than all other countries in the world combined. As well, Benin is the birthplace of voodoo. We pray for forces of darkness to be eliminated and the hope of Jesus to illuminate in West Africa. We praise the Lord for testimonies such as the following:

    "One day, I listened to your program and understood the gospel and the importance of confessing the Lord Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour. Then I did just that. Thank you so much for this program through which God has saved me."

    "I am a paralyzed sick woman. I cannot leave home to go to church. I listen to the radio all day long...when I listen to these messages in the Bambara language, my soul lives."

    We were also excited to hear how the ministry in West Africa is making itself sustainable by providing fish to the staff and TWR community (fish that would cost one week's wages) from their man-made lake and by harvesting lumber from the 26,000 trees that they have planted. “The earth is the Lord and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it;”  Psalm 24:1
    Thank You
    Garth and Fiona for sharing so much about your ministry with us! 

    Thank you to the many kind folks in Alberta who helped plan, invited people to events, hosted us, fed us and prayed for us on our journey. You are precious to us and invaluable to our ministry.
    We could not do our ministry without the many faithful partners in prayer and finances. Thank you for your generous gift of what the Lord has given to you.
    We also invited everyone to engage with us! There are many different ways to engage with TWR Canada, click here to take a look at seven different ways you can get involved. One way is for you to join us in praying for TWR Canada each day through our weekly prayer guides. Or perhaps you will be encouraged to get involved with the ministry either here in Canada or somewhere else. We look forward to hearing from you!

    We are thankful to the Lord for his provision over the work he began through TWR, and we trust him to see the work through to completion. Until the day that every knee bows and every tongue confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord, we will press on to bring honour and glory to Christ all over the world!