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  • Mar7Wed

    A Network Leading to God

    March 7, 2018 The TWR Canada Team
    Every region that TWR works in is unique. Culture, need, spiritual environment and local vision shape the ministry in each region and allow us to follow God’s unique plan for that area. In all regions, media and follow-up community partners and organizations join together to bring people to Christ, but there are few places that can rival the follow-up network of our ministry partner, Aujourd’hui l’Espoir, in Quebec.

    Someone will turn on the TV or radio and hear the broadcast. Or perhaps they will hear about AE’s website and listen to one of the 2500+ programs available online. They listen and want to know more. Where do they go? A phone number and email address are given on all of our programs so listeners can respond. The call is answered by one of AE’s nine volunteer telephone receptionists, and emails are responded to by staff. AE also has evangelistic literature they give out for free.

    In what you’re hearing so far, ministry in Quebec appears not so different from TWR Canada’s other ministries. But here’s what happens next: after responding to the call or email, AE connects the person to a local church they have a relationship with. They contact the church and ask them to get in touch with the listener. In many cases, the local pastor also visits the listener in person.

    This network of churches is huge – AE has a relationship with over 150 churches in the province! And in many cases, this relationship has existed for ten years or more. It started with past director, Marcel Perron, who was well-connected with churches. He was not only involved in the Baptist denomination, he also partnered with other churches to run summer evangelistic campaigns. These churches provided follow-up to the people who were touched by these campaigns. Then later, these churches were asked to provide follow-up to radio listeners in the area, which they were eager to do. The result is a well-formed network of churches that provide effective follow-up to the work of AE.

    And the network grew to include churches outside of Quebec . Because much of the ministry is online, people connect with them from many French-speaking countries across the globe. Over the years, AE added churches in Ontario and New Brunswick, as well as contacts in France, Haiti and Africa when they are contacted by someone from those locations.

    This extensive follow-up network has proven to be an effective tool. People come to Christ every year through this system. In a province where less than one percent consider themselves evangelical Christians, and where it is increasingly uncommon to hear any word of God spoken, we can see God still bringing people to himself.

    The name of AE is becoming increasingly well-known throughout the province. AE is beginning to receive distress calls, often from Christians. They have responded by building relationships with other organizations in order to connect these people with services like pregnancy support, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and mental health assistance. AE’s telephone receptionists are also taking training for counselling to respond effectively to these calls.

    God loves our neighbours in Quebec! We are encouraged as we watch him build this network, drawing people to himself throughout the province and beyond. Churches, organizations and AE work together to reach people where they are (radio, web radio and TV), provide them a place to respond (telephone and email), and refer them to the help they need (spiritual connection through a church or organizations to help with other needs). Praise the Lord for this expanding network which is reaching people for Christ!   

    Click here for more information on our ministry in Quebec.