A Calling, A Lifetime of Service, and the Faithfulness of God: Kevin and Lynn Baker’s Story - Trans World Radio Canada

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  • Born and raised in Ontario, Kevin and Lynn met in Toronto through Christian friends while in their early twenties. They married after Lynn finished her schooling and started life together in Ajax, Ontario.

    Kevin, a tool and die maker, and Lynn, a registered nurse, both loved their jobs and their local church, yet they wondered where else they could use their skills and abilities to serve the Lord. One Sunday, Ray Alary, a missionary with TWR, shared his story. After hearing how God changed Ray and brought him to a life of full-time service, they were excited!  

    By Monday morning (the day after they heard Ray speak!), they got the application after talking with Ray and another TWR representative, Keith. They had talked to Ray and others from TWR to learn more about the ministry. After taking a couple months to consider what this could look like for them, they decided to complete the application and apply to TWR and were accepted within a month.

    By mid-1991, the funds were raised, leaves of absences were granted by employers, and they were off to Bonaire!

    In July 1992, they returned home from one year on the field and spent some time with family, grieving the loss of Lynn’s father who passed away when they were on Bonaire. They took time away to care for Lynn’s mother. Though Kevin was ready for full-time missions, Lynn needed to think about what it meant to be a career missionary; she needed time to process everything: raising support, living in full surrender to God, and giving up control of finances, independence and autonomy.

    By 1995, they had been accepted as full-time missionaries with TWR and were back on Bonaire in 1996. In 2000, the missionary needs on Bonaire were changing, so they left TWR and worked alongside similar organizations both here in Canada and globally. In 2011, the Lord led them back to TWR through a short-term trip, and in 2013 they returned to Bonaire in full-time ministry where they have served faithfully ever since.

    Kevin has been working with the team to get the new transmitter up; with the upgrade from 100kW to 450kW, this transmitter has the potential to reach 100 million people. He continues to provide general maintenance. Lynn’s role on Bonaire is helping with the hospitality ministry. They both are active in the church and assisting others outside of TWR on the island.

    Kevin and Lynn both feel privileged to be part of this ministry. The impact of their work is vast. When asked what they would each see as the most impactful time of their ministry, Lynn shared this: “The love that God has for his people and how we all come together and work together for the same cause; how the Lord has worked in my own life as well as the lives of people around me. In difficult times, God always gives extra support and extra grace.”

    For Kevin, the most impactful part of the ministry has been “this most recent project on Bonaire, [a new transmitter]…and though at times the work can seem mundane, we’ll never know the part we’ve all played in this until we get to heaven. Regardless of where the work was being done – Bonaire, Guam, Spain, Canada – we don’t know the scope of our ministry. Though sometimes you don’t know what you’re doing, you go and figure it out. There are different personalities and ups and downs from whatever situation, but no matter what the details are, the Lord takes each situation and uses it for his good.”

    TWR Canada along with Kevin and Lynn Baker are so thankful to those who have faithfully prayed and supported the ministry and for those who sacrificially serve as missionaries. Please continue to pray for the listeners who are reached by the Bonaire transmitter, that they will hear and understand the hope found in Jesus Christ. We are thankful that God is in control of all we do, and we look forward to the day when we can share in his glory, when we meet brothers and sisters who have come to a saving faith in Jesus through the ministry.