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  • Apr6Thu

    10 Most Popular Journey to Hope Blog Posts

    April 6, 2017 by Ray Alary
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    A Blog Mashup

    A blog mashup is a collection of links from around the web. I have never heard of this, but I am told it is a thing. So, I thought it would be interesting to see which of my blog posts have been the most popular in the last three years since I began blogging. Maybe you are really keen and you have read them all, maybe you missed a few. See if your favourite made the list.

    #10 - Facebook Discipleship
    We sent 80 media players, an audio player equipped with interchangeable SD cards with a range of content, with the Thompson’s to Cambodia. This started a mentoring friendship that developed over Facebook and still continues.

    #9 - Laying Out An Arctic Fleece
    My wife said she would follow me anywhere, so on a lark I applied for a job in the Arctic. I wrote out my resume in pencil on a sheet of graph paper while she paced and ranted. I thought it was a great joke. I sent it off to Toronto and promptly forgot about it. I mean, who would respond to a resume like that?
    A couple of weeks later, they called and offered me a job.

    #8 - Seeking Open Hearts In China And Japan
    There are 105 unreached people groups in China – that’s more than 1 million people speaking 15 different languages. Japan is a missionary graveyard.

    #7 - Standing Up To Tradition
    The tradition of Lobola (or lobolo) in Swaziland was a tradition I could never wrap my head around. It was something Christians participated in as well as non-believers without question, until one pastor stood up and said -- my daughters are not for sale.

    #6 - Power of Radio Part 1 and Part 2
    I was able to witness a miracle. This young couple from Iran experienced not one but several miracles. God stepped in and did the impossible in their lives and it has been a blessing to know them. Their story demonstrates the power of radio in a country closed to the gospel, of the endless mercies of God, and how He keeps each of His children in the palm of His hand.

    #5 - Are TWR Internships Valueable? - Guest Post

    Being given this opportunity to serve my God with the talents and knowledge He has given me is something I will always be thankful for. Seeing my education being put to good use – for God’s Glory – would maybe not have happened as easily as it did in this internship.

    #4 - Benefits of Mentoring - Guest Post
    In order to be a mentor or be mentored effectively, you must be open to it. Mentoring is effective when we are able to see the value in hearing another’s perspective, in learning from someone who’s already walked your path ahead of you. It works if we don’t put any parameters on what mentoring should look like or how it should be structured.

    #3 - How Generators And A Tractor Are Sharing The Gospel
    As TWR Africa Operations Director and now TWR Canada President, I have raised money for equipment and tools and other things, but I never want to forget that the real work we're doing is sharing the Gospel. The rest of it, all of the behind-the-scenes stuff, just enables us to do it through media.

    #2 - He Said: I Will Never Leave You
    Just a couple of weeks after becoming the station director in Swaziland, one of our labourers from the transmitter site came into my office. He wanted to talk to me. He called me Baba, which means father. I found out quickly that being called Baba meant this man had a problem he expected me to solve.

    This man had a young son with a heart condition that required an operation for him to live. In North America, this would not be an insurmountable obstacle. We have the doctors, facilities, and funding (often) to receive this kind of care. But in Swaziland, I would come to find out, this was a huge deal.

    drum roll please ....... The most popular post EVER on the TWR Canada blog is:

    #1 - Remembrance Day: Measuring Risk And Fear
    Two things happened this week that got me thinking about risk and fear. First, tomorrow is Remembrance Day. I served in the Canadian Armed Forces and my father was a World War II veteran, and risk and fear were unavoidable. Second, earlier this week, I got an email from a young man I am mentoring asking if fear can be healthy.

    Thank you so much for the support. Thank you for reading and sharing these blog posts, it makes my day to hear from those who read my posts. I hope you've been encouraged. If you aren't already subscribed, consider signing up to have new blog posts show up in your inbox. You can do that here.

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